About Us


The Hot Dog USA team began at Helen Keller Elementary School in Kirkland, Washington in 1980. Since that time, we have performed for schools and civic organizations and at college and professional sporting events. We are a demonstration team for the American Heart Association, and we perform at schools and community events to promote the “Jump Rope for Heart” program. The team has been featured on dozens of local, national, and international television shows, including Good Morning America, The Ellen Show, The Tonight Show, Sesame Street, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Young Universe, Nickelodeon’s “Figure It Out,” ESPN’s coverage of the National Championship, Evening Magazine, Sabado Gigante, and Good Morning Australia. Our jumpers have traveled worldwide to promote the sport of jump rope, including to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, China, Korea, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, South Africa, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Kenya, Tanzania, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bermuda, Spain, and Israel. Members of our group have performed several times with the world-renowned “Cirque du Soleil” and “Cirque Dreams” performing groups, and a group of our jumpers even performed several times at the 2012 Olympic Games in London! We are also recognized as one of the top competitive teams in the world, and each year we participate in local, regional, national and international competitions. We have taken home numerous National, Grand National, and World Championship titles.

Mission Statement

The Hot Dog USA Jump Rope Team is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of jump rope as a life-long physical fitness activity. Our purpose is to inspire, motivate and educate people of all ages, while fostering local, regional, national and international jump rope competitions, workshops and performances.

Team Organization

We have two levels of participation on our team, “Junior Team” and “Elite Team.”

Junior Team is for jumpers who are new to the sport but are interested in learning jump rope performance and competition skills in a fun, supportive environment. Junior Team jumpers participate in 3 to 4 local events each year. Junior team is geared for jumpers in 1st through 4th grade, although we have had jumpers in Kindergarten and also jumpers in 5th and 6th grade on the Junior Team.

Elite Team is for jumpers who have taken jump rope classes and/or taken part in the Junior Team and are interested in becoming more serious about the sport of jump rope. The Elite Team participates in many performances, camps, and workshops. As jumpers gain skill and maturity, they will also have the chance to represent the team at events nationally and internationally. Elite team jumpers are generally 4th grade and older, although we have had 3rd graders successfully participate on the Elite Team.

We divide the Elite team into smaller groups for administrative purposes, usually based on age groups. We have Senior A, Junior A, B, and C teams. Each team group has a group representative who attends team board meetings, collects fees and paperwork, and facilitates communications for the group.

Additionally, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization, and we have an official Board of Directors who helps to manage the business affairs of the team.

Gymnastics Training

All team members are required to take specially designed “jump rope gymnastics” classes. Among our staff, we have two directors, Christi Hartman and Robbie Csontos, who are qualified to teach, spot, and develop our jumpers through gymnastics training.